Combine the geophysical properties of your diamond drilling cores with the geology in order to plan an  appropriate geophysical survey. Establish a correlation between your samples and your survey. Obtain  conductivity, magnetic susceptibility, chargeability and resistivity measurements in order to identify electric  and electromagnetic properties of your mineralization and obtain an exhaustive geophysical analysis of your  diamond drilling cores. Take the best decisions by characterizing your cores.    Blasting Services, Geophysical Surveys, Mining Exploration Campaigns The Sample IP Core Tester is  an innovative way to measure  the electrical properties of  drill cores, samples and  outcrops (Resistivity and Time  Domain Induced Polarization  (IP) measurements).  Determine the shape of the  high-grade ore body within  the waste rock and low  grade ore. Downhole SSW  probe measures magnetic  susceptibiliy and conductivity  10 times / sec. Savage River  Mine, Australia.  Multi Parameter Probe (MPP) uses the  Electromagnetic properties to survey  diamond drilling cores or any sample.  The MPP confirms the properties of  the rock samples  in old or in new  drilled cores. It measures magnetic  susceptibiliy and conductivity 10 times  / sec.  The photonic probe gives  an estimation of the ore  grades in non magnetic or  electromagnetic  environments. It is a  unique technology that  was developped by  Instrumentation GDD.