Localise disseminated sulphides, non conductive minerals and non conductive sulphides with Goldman  Exploration's Induced Polarization Survey! Benefit from the best resolution and additional dipoles thanks to  Goldman crews' expertise. Goldman uses a 32 channel receiver and portable 10 000W transmitters that will  enable you to survey any ground. Identifying drilling targets with such precision has never been that easy!     Normalized chargeability (2D view), Opemiska Propery, Chapais, Qc, Canada. Induced Polarization Survey in Limerick, Ireland. Induced Polarization Transmitter Up to 4800 volts  and 10,000W Blasting Services, Geophysical Surveys, Mining Exploration Campaigns Frédéric Gaucher in Beijing, China Demo of the Induced Polarization Tx-3600W from Instrumentation GDD Frédéric Gaucher, president  Conference on Induced  Polarization given in Beijing,  China, 2010.  IP Receiver with up to 32  channels. It is designed for  high productivity resistivity  and time-domain induced  polarization (IP) surveys in  mineral exploration. 
3D Induced Polarization Survey, done in 2014, in Laos  Frédéric Gaucher, president  operating the 32 channels IP Receiver in Laos.  3D Induced Polarization Survey Crew, Laos, 2014.  Transmitter Operator operating the 5000W transmitter, in Laos.