Interpretation, data management and maps compilation  Compiling all the geophysical data, integrating the existing data, building geophysical models and  benefitting from the results of previous surveys are necessary to plan an appropriate exploration  campaign. As a leader in geophysical information systems, Goldman Exploration produces for you an  exhaustive compilation and defines the most promising targets. To sum it up, Goldman Exploration  helps you to maximise your investments.  Goldman also produce mineral potential maps with spatial analysts tools and algorythms to combine  geology, geophysics, and other available data to present it in a convivial and comprehensible way.  Different methods are used to integrate all the geoscientific data, SIG and correlate them to  metallogenic models.    Blasting Services, Geophysical Surveys, Mining Exploration Campaigns Interractive 3D model of the drifts, stopes and  partial  geology of the Opemiska Mine, Chapais, Qc.  3D modelisation of the topography of the Opemiska  surface mine. The survey was done with the Chain +  Level of Instrumentation GDD.  Induced Polarization Survey and  interpretation of the data. Opemiska  Mine, Chapais, Quebec, Canada.