Our magnetic surveys are very quick and precise when applied to the localisation of iron ore, chromites ore and auriferous iron and sulphides associated to magnetite. Moreover, we map lithography and geophysical structures in order to obtain contour maps / total magnetic field profiles of total gradient. Finally, we assist our clients in dilution control and provide solutions to increase the ore grade of your operation, thanks to our probes specially conceived for profitable production.   Blasting Services, Geophysical Surveys, Mining Exploration Campaigns Walking Magnetic survey  Recording 10 times / sec. Efficient with high precision.  Downhole probe measuring magnetic susceptibiliy and  conductivity 10 times / sec.  Falconbridge Craig Mine,  Sudbury, Canada Determine the shape of the high-grade ore body within  the waste rock and low  grade ore. Savage River  Mine, Australia.  Determine the shape of the high-grade ore body  within the waste rock and low grade ore. Using  this tool, you will know exactly where to stop  blasting thus saving time and money.  Agnico-Eagle - Laronde Mine, Québec, Canada.  Total field magnetic map produced  from a surface walking survey